Journey to Scandinavia

To travel to Scandinavia is to travel to one of Europe's most unique and culturally adventurous regions.   The land of the Vikings has historically consisted of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.  But the region also shares a lot in common with the other Nordic countries of Iceland and Finland.  An adventure to Scandinavia can be as relaxing as sweating it out in a Swedish sauna to climbing the mountainside of the Loen Via Ferrata in Norway.



It's hard to find anywhere in the world that has the natural beauty of Norway.  It is the ultimate destination for any outdoor enthusiast.  There are many famous hikes that tourists from all over the world come to trek during the limited summer weather.  A cruise on one of the fjords with the surrounding landscape is a must do experience.  The history of Norway is steeped in Viking culture and there is plenty of opportunities to learn about it.  While Norway is one of the most expensive places to travel in the world it is well worth the investment.


Stockholm, Sweden is not at the top of a lot of peoples bucket lists, but it should be.  A city that is set on hundreds of islands, it is extremely easy to get around due to its numerous transportation options.  There are several unique museums to visit such as the the Nobel Prize Museum, the Vasa Ship Museum and the ABBA museum.  The craft beer scene is thriving with some of the best options in Europe.  Stockholm is a modern city that isn't as large as some of the other popular tourist cities and is a good place to start if you've never been to Europe.

Stockholm Free
Legoland, Billund Entrance


Denmark, the southernmost country in Scandinavia is also the smallest.  But that doesn't mean you should skip it on your Scandinavian adventure.  From Billund, the birthplace of Lego, to Copenhagen to the Mons Klint cliffs, you can find a variety of activities and new experiences.    Travel to Denmark will take you on a Scandinavian journey you won't soon forget.