Southern European Countries

The Iberian Peninsula, which consists of Spain and Portugal, Italy and Greece make up the main southern Europe travel destinations.  These countries have similar sub-tropical climates and are ideal for your off-season European adventure.  While the northern parts of Italy and Greece do see some snow in the winter, the rest of the countries stay fairly mild throughout the winter.  The climates in these countries may be similar but that is where the commonalities end.  Each of these Europe travel spots has its own unique culture, history and landscape that warrant separate trips.

Rome Free


Walking through Rome is like walking through a time capsule.  There are ancient buildings like the Colosseum that are thousands of years old, to Renaissance buildings from the fifteenth century to modern structures like the subway system.  The city is mostly walkable if you stay in the right area, but the streets can be tricky to navigate, so be sure to have your GPS with you.  Don't forget to have some Gelato after dinner and make sure you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to ensure you'll make a trip back some day.

Ronda, Spain

Experience a unique blend of history, culture, and breathtaking scenery in Ronda, Spain. Renowned as one of Andalusia's most enchanting cities, Ronda's dramatic cliffs and iconic bridge, the Puente Nuevo, serve as the perfect backdrop to a remarkable Spanish getaway. Lose yourself in the ancient cobblestone streets, explore the depths of impressive caves, and taste the flavors of traditional Spanish cuisine in local restaurants. Whether you're in search of an adventure or achingly beautiful photography spots, head to Ronda. As an unspoiled gem tucked away in the mountainous region of Malaga province, Ronda promises a travel experience like no other.

Puente Nuevo Bridge, Ronda Spain
Dusk in Porto Portugal


Sun-drenched coastal beaches, vibrant and bustling cities like Lisbon and Porto, and a deeply-rooted rich heritage come together in this unique locale, making it a must-visit for every avid traveler. Where else could you lose yourself in majestic fairytale palaces, savor world-renowned Port wine, or bask on pristine beaches under the Atlantic sun? A trip to Portugal promises an incomparable blend of historical intrigue and modern appeal.


Rich history, enchanting landscapes, and crystal-clear waters make Greece a premier travel destination in Europe. From the iconic white-washed buildings of Santorini to the awe-inspiring ruins of Athens, travel to Greece promises an exquisite blend of history, culture, gastronomy, and natural beauty. Explore the globally renowned archaeological sites, indulge in divine Greek cuisine, or swim in the resplendent Mediterranean Sea. This vibrant country is a haven for all types of travelers - be it history buffs, adventure enthusiasts, foodies, or sun-seekers.