Norway Travel

Collage of photos from Noway with Norway Travel Expert Diploma

Noway is an incredible country full of history, culture and some amazing outdoor adventures.  There's no shortage of things to see and experience.  And there is no shortage of ways to explore Norway.

When you work with DoubleJ Destinations to plan your Norway trip you'll be guided by a Norway Travel Specialist.  That means you can be confident your Norway trip will include all that the nordic country has to offer.

Your Norway trip will be completely customized for you.  That could mean a self drive tour along the western fjords.  A group tour where the transportation and attractions are guided and taken care of for you.  Or maybe you just want a few days in Oslo or Bergen.

And of course, you'll be prepared for the unexpected that the Norwegian weather can throw at you.  (Yes, summers are short but the winter provides its own unique experiences.)

Sample Norway Itineraries

Grand Norway Self Drive

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Norway Travel Tips

  • Be prepared for high prices in restaurants, bars and for transportation
  • Book summer tours at least 3-4 months in advance
  • You can legally camp virtually anywhere
  • The weather varies widely.  Dress depending on where you are and what time of year you are going
  • The currency is the Norwegian Krone
  • The people are kind and helpful if you need it but generally keep to themselves
  • Norway has many activities for kids making it a great destination for family travel