United States of America

From the frozen arctic circle of Alaska to the sandy beaches of Hawaii and Florida the USA has something for everyone.  The fourth largest country in the world by land mass has almost every type of natural feature there is.  It is also home to numerous vibrant cities that each have their own unique characteristics.  Whether you want to relax in a tropical getaway, take a hike in the mountains, have a family fun getaway at an amusement park or spend all night exploring the city, you can find it all in the United States.  Below are some of my top recommendations.  If you'd like to learn more contact us.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a night owls dream city.  You can find something to do at anytime, day or night.  It's more than just a gambling city, although there is plenty of that.  There are enough other actives that someone could spend an entire week in the city and not gamble at all.   There are pools at almost every hotel to relax by, shows to see and golf courses traverse.  Plus there are some of the best restaurants in the country, all located in one town.


The theme park capital of the United States is one of the best vacation spots for families.  Kids and adults will find something they will enjoy at any of the major theme parks which are constantly adding on new attractions.  Walt Disney World is a community unto itself that one would never have to leave if they didn't want to.  Universal Studios is for the thrill seeker with its multiple roller coasters and real life movie experiences.  And Sea World is for the ocean animal lovers.  Orlando is also centrally located, making it a easy day trip to either coasts of Florida with Port Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center on the Atlantic side and Tampa Bay on the Gulf side.

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In the heart of the US, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains is Colorado.  It is home to several mountain villages that boast some of the best skiing and snowboarding hills in the country, many of which can operate almost all year.  Rocky Mountain National Park has many options for the outdoor adventurer including hiking, camping and fishing.  Colorado is also home to one of the best outdoor amphitheaters at Red Rocks which has hosted everyone from The Beatles to Johnny Cash to Metallica.

St Pete Beach

Florida has ample beach towns to go to for a relaxing vacation.  St Pete Beach is a great one for families.  It has multiple resorts that cater to families with kids activities.  It has a large sandy beach on the Gulf side of Florida where the waves don't get too large making it easier for the little ones to swim.  It is also close enough to Tampa Bay and Clearwater to find other activities like dolphin viewing, going to the aquarium or spending the day at Busch Gardens.

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