Antico Caffè Greco


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Antico Caffè Greco

Antico Caffè Greco is not only the oldest cafeteria in Rome (and looks practically unchanged from its original state), but is also known for having had patrons like Goethe, Schopenhauer, Gogol, and even Casanova. Today, it continues to be the gathering point for many artists who come here to exchange their ideas. The place is worth a visit for its historical significance.


Rome's coffee culture is steeped in tradition and passion. The city's charming cafés exude an inviting atmosphere, where locals and tourists alike gather to savour the rich aroma and intense flavour of espresso, the quintessential Italian coffee. From bustling streets to historic piazzas, coffee serves as a delightful companion to daily life. Moreover, no Roman experience is complete without a creamy indulgence of artisanal gelato, crafted in a myriad of luscious flavours.