Do I need to book my entire trip with DoubleJ Destinations?

You can book as much or as little of your trip with DoubleJ Destinations.  Already have your flight book?  No problem, we can help with accommodations.  Just need to book some tours and activities.  We can do that.  Airfare only trips can only be booked using the Advanced Travel Search online booking tool.  

What does it cost to book with DoubleJ Destinations?

There is no extra cost for booking accommodations, tours, activities or packages.*

Why should I book with DoubleJ Destinations when I can book with other online services?

  1. You'll save time.  DoubleJ Destinations will do all of the searching for you to find the best option for your trip.  Just fill out the short Travel Survey
  2. You'll have one contact for your entire trip.  No calling the airline and hotel and car rental separately if there are any issues.
  3. Confidence your personal information is secure with a real person.

How can I be sure my personal information is secure?

Before becoming a travel consultant I spent over 15 years in the banking industry.  So I understand both the need and how to protect private information.  I do not store any client information on my personal devices.  All payment information is provided directly to my suppliers at time of booking and is not kept by DoubleJ Destinations.

*A plan to go fee is assessed prior to any proposals being provided.  This fee will be used as a deposit towards your trip upon booking.