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Located in the most ancient district in Rome, Ristorante Tema is a delightful traditional-style eatery offering a delectable array of pasta dishes, classic meat and fish mains, and mouthwatering desserts. To top off the dining experience, they also serve a selection of digestifs.


Rome's restaurants cater to all tastes. There are American steakhouses, Lebanese meze restaurants, Vietnamese eateries, and several haute cuisine establishments celebrated in the Michelin Guide. But when in Rome, do as the Romans do and choose the less extravagant restaurants and trattorias for a memorable and authentic dining experience. The Italian word for dinner, "cena", comes from the Latin convivium, which means "live together". Eating is a social get-together which consists of at least three courses — often even at lunchtime. The Romans do not eat dinner until nine in the evening. Rome is known for its Carbonara (made with egg, guanciale, hard cheese, and black pepper) and Amatriciana (made with guanciale, pecorino Romano and tomatoes).